Digital training on Microfluidic.

NETRI scientists can share their unique expertise using microfluidic devices within our training programs.

The program consists in 3 hours of practical courses directly on dedicated microfluidic chips. Trainings are held online using Smart Glasses for a duplex mode training between laboratories. Therefore, trainees and instructor will communicate directly using live stream video under the hoods for real-time guidance.

  • Handling neurofluidic devices
  • Microfluidics and laminar flow in devices
  • Media replacement in devices
  • Use of 1 NeuroBento™ microplates
  • Neurofluidic chips, cells and reagents
  • Practical use of NeuroBento™ on dedicated equipment (hoods, incubators, microscopes). For each training session, maximum of 2 trainees. The content of the course is preset but can be tailored to the trainee’s laboratory skills on request.

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