The Neuro Engineering Technologies Research Institute (NETRI)
conducts scientific research in neuroscience using its Deep Technologies
for the direct benefit of patients and pharmaceutical companies.
Netri develops and PROVIDES disruptive SOLUTIONS FOR THE treatMENT of neurological disorders
From invention to innovation
NETRI focuses on its internal R&D to explore organ-on-chip approaches for neuroscience.
Once validated, neurofluidic chips are directly accessible to academia or biotechnological companies for their research.
We believe in ideas that can be turned into proof of concept and real products.
NETRI establishes strategic business partnerships, as well as academic-industrial collaborations,
with public and private entities (in France and worldwide).
These collaborations lead to the development of our unique scientific and industrial approach,
and to major IP and publications.
The NETRI team includes complementary expertise, with a wide scientific and industrial background.
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Thibault Honegger, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, President & Co-founder
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Florian Larramendy, PhD
Chief Technical Officer, Executive Director & Co-founder
IMGP0985 153
Mélanie Gleyzes
Senior Laboratory Manager
IMGP1048 153
Jessica Rontard, PhD
Senior Research and Development Scientist
Delphine Debis
Research and Development Engineer
IMGP1032 153
Louise Miny
Research and Development, PhD Student
Luc Libralesso
Mathematical Optimisation of Neural Circuit Architecture, PhD Student
IMGP1009 153
Pauline Fassy
Research and Development Engineer
IMGP1052 153
Janaina Veira
Manufacturing Technician
IMGP1015 153
Aurélie Batut
Biological Technician
Louis Vidal
Research and Development Engineer
IMGP1038 153
Marie Wolf
Administrative Officer
IMGP1043 153
Coline Francheteau
Business Developer Assistant
IMGP1001 153
Laurence Moreau
Marketing and Communication Assistant