Asymetric tri-compartment devices allow the reconstitution of a neural network between two neural populations connected through a fluidically isolated synaptic chamber. Thanks to the asymetry of the connecting microchannels, axons from one population connect to dendrites from the other, with a high probability, only in the middle compartment. The use of multiplexed microchannels offers also the possibility to study subcellular trafficking while altering synapses. Coupled to MEA, the device can be used to monitor the electrophysiological impact of a compound when applied in the synaptic chamber only. Alternatively, by seeding cells in the middle compartment when a neural network is matured, interactions between several type of cells and synapses can be monitored.

Applications: Alzheimer, Parkinson

Readouts: pre-synaptic dynamics, synaptic structures and transmission, post-synaptic traffic and signaling.

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