Our vision

Disrupting neuroscience
Giving hope to patients

We believe that we can bring hope to patients with neurological diseases
by inventing new and innovative technologies and services,
that are not yet available on the market.
We also believe that new and disruptive approaches can be invented, through :

the understanding
the modeling
the improvement of existing treatment, for the benefit of all patients
Our mission
We, at NETRI, know that we can change the way the neurological diseases are treated, throughout acting and thinking differently.

We are committed to :

  • Increasing discovery on the brain and neurology
  • Contributing to the invention of new, personalized, and relevant disruptive treatment approaches
  • speeding up the market entry of these approaches
  • and finally,  alleviating the suffering of patients and their relatives
Our strategic priorities
Our technology enables the response to the needs of all patients with neurological disorders.
We have chosen to focus on 2 major diseases and worldwide epidemics : Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases

Globally, the burden of neurological disorders continues to increase. Accordingly, the medical communities, the patients, the industry and the governments will face increasing demand for new treatments, rehabilitation, and support services.

As populations are growing and aging, the prevalence of the Parkinson and Alzheimer’s diseases, steeply increases.
That the reason why those two diseases are on our top strategic investment priorities.
We believe these major disabling neurological disorders need an urgent response.