Fast forward decision-making.

Our team of neurofluidics engineers and hiPSC scientists will brainstorm to design the most appropriate Neurofluidics™ device with its hiPSC derived cells SOP to conduct your research. The initial proof of concept will be followed either by a direct exploitation by NETRI‘s production services or a technological transfer directly to your team.

Our patented technologies in microfluidic neuroengineering enable to precisely recreate in vitro a neuronal network dynamic within a Neurofluidics™ device. The device compartmentalization improves the assessment of a compound by real-time analysis of its structural and functional modes of action on murine or human cellular networks.


design your own device.

You have a specific microfluidic chip design in mind or want to evaluate to create the chip fulfilling your research demand ?

It has never been that easy to create your own microfluidic chip. Just follow the few steps of our Chipdesigner program and receive the sketch within minutes.

Ready to use devices

with any type of cells.

Shorten your development time, our team of scientists will develop standard operating protocol for any human cells you want to use. Our co-development program will:

  • Explore and Evaluate your needs

  • Design the optimal chip design

  • Produce technical datasheets and operating protocols

  • Train your staff

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