Research on SRAS-CoV-2 influence on the nervous system

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NETRI offers free samples for research teams that are working on SRAS-CoV-2 interactions with the central/peripheral nervous system. Neurofluidic™ chips allow fluid isolation of neural types to study the spread of the virus through synaptic chambers. Contact us ASAP! Coronavirus humains respiratoires neuro-invasifs et neurotropes : agents neurovirulents potentiels. Marc Desforges, Alain Le Coupanec, Élodie Brison, [...]

Breackthrough unlocks progress in brain-on-a-chip technology

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Press ReleaseMarch 25th, 2020 Breackthrough unlocks progress in brain-on-a-chip technology Massively accelerated image processing supports development of novel treatments for neurological conditions Lyon, March 25, 2020 – Cambridge Consultants and Neuro Engineering Technologies Research Institute (NETRI) announce a breakthrough in precision imaging of brain activity. Working with NETRI’s brain-on-a-chip technology and lensless imaging approach that detects [...]

Stay informed !

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We are pleased to present the NETRI Newsletter. Be the first to know about the lastest published papers using neurofluidics chips,the upcoming conferences in the field,our new scientific achievements. Subscribe and stay informed !

We’re hiring !

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Check our latest jobs offers We are expanding our team and looking for motivated collaborators : a business intern, a microfabrication technician, a process engineer, a computer science engineer.  

NETRI soutenu par les Hospices Civils de Lyon et Lyonbiopole

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NETRI est lauréat de l’appel à projets Innovation Clinique porté par les Hospices Civils de Lyon et Lyonbiopôle. Porté conjointement par la société NETRI et la biologiste praticien hospitalier Isabelle Quadrio S’intéressant au diagnostic des patients atteints de troubles neurocognitifs (Alzheimer, démences à Corps de Lewy ou encore Parkinson), ce projet propose de développer un [...]

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